Houston, we have a... video slot? Mysterious monoliths left by an ancient civilization. A sentient machine capable of handing out cash as well as experiences from beyond the stars. It is, the Arcader!

Arcaderis a video slot that offers 5reels and 15pay lines. The game features wilds, expanders, mystery game and bonus game with free spins.

The bonus game is rewarded if 3or more bonus game symbols are won in the main game. Each additional bonus symbol grants additional multipliers.The bonus game continues as long as there are free spins left.

The mystery game is rewarded if 3 or more mystery symbols are won in the main game. Each additional mystery symbol grants additional multipliers. The mystery game ends either by selection of a blank or by the selection of all mystery wins.After the mystery game has ended, the game returns to the main game.

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Return to Player (RTP)